The AI4Cities project  enabled Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greater Paris, Stavanger  and Tallinn to challenge the market to come up with AI-based solutions  to reduce CO2-emissions in their Energy and Mobility domains. We can now confidently say that the market is ready for such a challenge!
In Energy, BEE helps shift the energy consumption in buildings to timeframes when there is more renewable energy available. C-in.City provides cities with a near real-time carbon emission management platform. Holoni helps cities assess their solar surplus, and SPIKE enables a sustainable balance between energy consumption and comfort.
In Mobility, AVENUE uses AI to help cities evaluate the carbon footprint of shared mobility policies while theMPAT Tool focuses on the maximisation of the positive benefits of these policies. IX3 removes unnecessary stops, making urban traffic more efficient and reducing CO2 emissions.
The project has been of great value to both cities and suppliers. Public authorities now have a far better idea of how AI technologies can be used to address challenges in the context of the climate crisis, while the suppliers have gotten important information into how they can adjust their products to be more efficient and effective for their main clients.

Solutions selected for Phase 3

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