Open Market Consultation (Phase 0)

The Open Market Consultation (OMC) represents a specific phase during the overall PCP preparation. It aims at actively approaching the market to find out about the state of the art, as well as about future developments - in this case, in the fields of AI technology and climate change. Succesful procurement requires involving the technology companies and consortia from early on, this is why a series of OMC events will be organised to refine the tender specifications.


Market Consultation events and webinars

During the Open Market Consultation events, the AI4Cities challenge, vision and scope will be presented alongside the pre-commercial procurement process.

The OMC events are especially targeted for suppliers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, startups and other experts, who are able to consult in the following domains: climate change, AI software and hardware development, public traffic management and planning, energy efficiency and infrastructure, and building maintenance.

During the OMC there will be two international online events:

  • OMC global webinar 1: 28 May 2020 (10.00 - 11.30 CET) - register here
  • OMC global webinar 2: 18 September 2020

Depending of the circumstances and needs, the latter event can be carried out as an online hackathon. Additionally, there can be webinars hosted by the members of the Buyers Group.


    OMC Global Webinar 1 - Agenda (28 May - 10 to 11.30 CET)

    10.00    Introduction to the AI4Cities project. Kaisa Sibelius, Coordinator AI4Cities, Forum Virium Helsinki
    10.15    Mobility– City of Stavanger, Nils Henrik Haaland.
    10.25    Energy – City of Amsterdam
    10.40    Open AI for agile cities. Timo Ruohomäki, Programme Director, Forum Virium Helsinki
    10.55    What is a Pre-Commercial Procurement process? Hugo Gonçalves, PCP Specialist, Forum Virium Helsinki
    11.10    Questions and answers
    11.30    End

    Register  here

    Expected results and outputs

    On the basis of the results of the OMC the Buyers Group will determine and fine-tune the scope of the Request for Tenders and the evaluation criteria for the pre-commercial procurement.

    Goals of the OMC
    • To conduct a detailed needs analysis of the Buyers Group (the six partner procurers)
    • To map companies capable of submitting responses to the tender
    • To get a better understanding of the state-of-the-art and future developments in order to develop a call for proposals with the optimal scope
    • To gain a broad understanding of all relevant and available users, stakeholders, technologies and possible solutions in the marketplace
    • To consult with the potential suppliers the validity of the challenge and its specifications, as well as to gather feedback on the feasibility of response
    • To identify the most critical success factors, barriers and enablers to be considered
    • To identify remaining gaps and challenges and where R&D is still required
    • To inform the market and attract suitable stakeholders, particularly suppliers, but also other (future) procurers

    (*) Budget, number of suppliers and dates are all indicative until the Request for Tenders is published