Everyone hates stopping and waiting in red lights, especially when no one else is moving either. IX3 is an auxiliary optimising system for traffic light management, which simply reduces unnecessary stopping and waiting in red lights. Reducing the amount of stopping and re-accelerating a vehicle in traffic has a surprisingly large impact on emissions. Tests and piloting over earlier AI4Cities phases have proven that city-wide adoption of the IX3-system has a reduction impact of around 2% on traffic related emissions.

The system combines real-time machine vision sensoring to traffic light controllers and thus enables optimising traffic management logic. With a more precise understanding of the traffic situation, traffic lights can be used more efficiently to increase traffic flows and simultaneously reduce emissions. The system has been developed in collaboration with machine vision expert MarshallAI and Dynniq who has decades long experience in traffic management.


IX3 & AI4Cities

The AI4Cities-project has provided an excellent framework for continuing R&D over an innovative traffic management product while also giving access to representatives of partner cities. The IX3-consortium has high hopes for the project and aims to optimize traffic all over Europe. The commercial structure of the solution is based on licence fees for the software. The target market is primarily the EU and secondarily the rest of the world. The key customers are the European cities with very ambitious carbon neutrality goals and ever growing traffic amounts. IX3 is developed by a consortium of MarshallAI and Dynniq.