Following the launch of the Request for Tenders  on 01.12.2020, AI4Cities received a total of received 97 tenders - 54 in the Mobility Lot and 43 in the Energy Lot. Out of those the Buyers Group selected 21 suppliers competing in the Mobility challenge and 20 competing in the Energy Challenge to continue to Phase 1 of the project, the Solution Design Phase. In the next three months these 41 companies will will work on a full plan for the development of a prototype. Their proposed solution concepts are highlighted on this page. Are you a company working on AI and sustainability or a city on a road to carbon neutrality? Take a look and be inspired!


Using AI to analyse travel patterns to devise more efficient routes and timetables, contributing to a much lower environmental footprint. Optimising the use of electric vehicle charging locations by giving AI based recommendations. An AI tool to dramatically reduce the time to assess, plan and promote investments for energy flexibility and efficiency in buildings. Maximising the local renewable electricity utilization through demand side management, using buildings as distributed thermal energy storage. These are just four of the 41 proposed solutions which have been selected by the AI4Cities Buyers Group. For more details about them visit the following pages:

Please find below a brief overview of the winning companies and consortia: