The BEE consortium has developed a solution, that not only controls the building in an optimal way and helps to save emissions, but also uses buildings as a storage capability in the energy grid by using energy in times with a high availability of renewables. The BEE System integrates into the buildings management system (BMS), where it gathers data about the energy consumption, as well as indoor air quality data. The central data storage combines this data with third party data sources, like energy grid data and weather data.  

Every day, the system derives a forecast for the next day’s energy grid mix, weather conditions and the buildings utilization and capability to use energy flexible. Based on that the system calculates an optimized control schedule for heating, ventilation, cooling, water heating, EV charging and other flexible appliances. The schedule shifts energy usage towards renewables and minimizes the energy usage through a pro-active control, while maintaining a comfortable environment for the buildings users. Based on the first tests and simulations, the consortium expects 10-20% increase in use of renewables, 15-20% energy savings through optimized control and a combined 15-20% reduction in emissions, depending on the energy mix.


BEE & AI4CIties

“AI4Cities is the perfect opportunity for us to develop new approaches within an innovative environment and always close to a real-world usage”, says Lucas Spreiter, founder of Unetiq and one of the members in the BEE consortium. "Not only did the partners find each other through the AI4Cities project, but also the continuous exchange with the cities and the access to real data, helped BEE to develop their product in less than a year". Asked about the plans for phase 3, Lucas adds: “We are very excited now to deploy our solution in the city of Helsinki and Stavanger and hope, that we can contribute as much as possible in saving CO2 emissions”.


BEE is an acronym for Building Energy Efficiency and is represented by an European consortium consisting of Eeneman Oy, Unetiq GmbH and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.
Eeneman Oy is a Finnish smart energy company, that is specialized in the management of controllable loads, as well as data integration and handling. The company has multiple years’ experience in controlling energy consumption in different buildings and assets, measuring, and visualizing indoor conditions and metering energy consumption from electricity and heating usage. 
Unetiq GmbH is a German – Dutch software agency, specialized in the development of sustainable Artificial Intelligence and web applications and supporting its clients from first idea to final product. Founded in 2018, Unetiq has already developed more than 30 projects and operates productive apps with thousands of users every day.
The Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is supporting the project with specialists in building construction and operation and in the assessment of emissions. Furthermore, the university provides a test lab, as well as data from its most modern campus, which integrates more than 3000 sensors into a complete digital twin.