Enerbrain developed SPIKE,  a scalable “plug&play” kit of devices that can be installed in every building to fine-tune energy usage in real-time, allowing 20% (av.) operational savings and over 90% in-comfort time for occupants, without any drastic changes to the existing HVAC. The company's most recent solution is an all-in-one-platform, implementing the concept of “Energy as a Service”, which helps orchestrate energy loads and renewable energy production within energy communities.

SPIKE is an all-in-one, cloud-based software/hardware platform supporting data exchange with proprietary IoT-enabled devices and communication with other IoT devices/platforms, knowledge extraction for situation-aware user interaction and engagement, building performance assessments and dedicated energy management services capable of innovative and effective optimization of energy efficiency and flexibility in commercial, service and residential buildings.


Market potential

Enerbrain has closed a 5M€ investment round thanks to EDF Pulse Croissance and others, ensuring the company’s financial capacity to be ahead of the curve in the upcoming market scenario. With SPIKE, it is addressing the emerging market of Energy Communities, which is projected to become an EU-wide standard.