C-in.City is the new generation of GHG information system. It’s a first of a kind service to monitor and manage all urban emissions (housing, commercial, public institutions, transportation, industries, power production) at 3 actionable scales (city, district, building/street) that helps city managers, citizens, NGOs and businesses to better understand local emissions, take individual and collective action, and implement transparent and science-based impact monitoring. C-in.City bridges the time gap and adds a geographical component by bringing together the forefront of research on emissions monitoring and the widest panel of datasets available thanks to AI in one tool. 

The AI deployed is used for two main purposes: extracting activity signals from AOIs (Areas Of Interests) and inferring CO2 emissions from these signals. In short, it means that C-in-City has developed algorithms that automatically detect when an industrial site is active (i.e. detecting fumes above a waste burning plant thanks to satellite imagery) and can infer from it the associated emissions. The consorotium is expecting a lot from the coming pilots as they are the key pieces that will help identify what kind of targeting scenarios should be developed, which might not be necessarily the same from one city to another. The pilots will also help confirm both the accuracy of the algorithms and value added for the city decision makers. 


C-in.City & AI4CIties

C-in-City has found AI4Cities three-phased PCP process to be a rich and challenging journey. Comparing 
the current solution in Phase 3 with the initial concept, it is clear that the Ai4Cities programme,
with its user-centric approach enrolling engaged cities, has greatly contributed to streamline the service design
, to highlight the unmet needs that the solution could answer to and to help in a scalability by design of the technology chain for any EU cities.  The big challenge was to address at the same time the user expectations and the service design with the city departments, and to develop and test the AI-based algorithms to answer to the expressed needs. The consortium is grateful to Ai4Cities for this very robust acceleration of the solution, which now paves the way for the vast European city market.


C-in.City is a fruitful collaboration between Nexqt, Kayrros and La Javaness. 
Nexqt’s raison d’être is turning data and climate sciences into actions by addressing the barriers to fill-in
the information gap for a systemic change.
Kayrros’ mission is to create the data needed to decarbonize the economy and mitigate climate risks. Using AI with satellite and alternative data sources, Kayrros monitors the carbon value chain to support Net Zero targets.
La Javaness helps public and private organizations to transform with AI. Supported by its AI platform, La
Javaness accelerates the industrialization of AI solutions and addresses key challenges of AI at scale.