Amsterdam uses AI to reduce energy consumption

25 January 2023

Amsterdam uses AI to reduce energy consumption

In an interview with Amsterdam Intelligence, Mark Stoevelaar, AI4Cities project manager for the City of Amsterdam, shares how the municipality is benefiting from the SPIKE solution, developed by Enerbrain within the context of the AI4Cities project. Stoevelaar notes that SPIKE can help reduce energy consumption in buildings by 10-20%.

Stoevelaar: “The AI application that was developed by Enerbrain, which is a team of experts building intelligent systems to make buildings sustainable, comfortable and efficient, will be taking over control of the Building Management System (BMS), using as little energy as possible. Furthermore this party learns the consumption patterns and it also incorporates additional factors that affect the indoor climate, like outdoor temperature, wind force and humidity, to mention a few. Based on the collected data, this AI application learns what the future energy demand is, and decides how to achieve maximum energy efficiency. In this way, we can significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings.

We are currently doing a pilot at the City Office of the Zuidoost district of Amsterdam at Anton de Komplein. The management system in this building is suitable because the building management system can be connected with the AI solution developed by Enerbrain. Furthermore, there are some interesting components in the building, such as a hydraulic heat pump, which makes it valuable for testing. This is a very large building that many people make use of, which allows us to make a real impact, and that, in my opinion, makes this pilot extra interesting.”

The full interview can be read here

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