AI4Cities receives 98 applications

9 March 2021

AI4Cities receives 98 applications

Following the launch of the AI4Cities’ Request for Tenders on 01.12.2020 interested suppliers had three months to submit an application. On the 28.02.2021 deadline a total of 98 applications were submitted – 54 in the Mobility Lot and 44 in the Energy Lot. At the moment of writing, any details about the bids, or about the companies and consortia who have submitted them, cannot yet be disclosed.

In the coming months The Buyers Group will decide which applications will proceed to the Solution Design Phase of the PCP process. For each of the two lots, 20 Contractors will be selected that will work on a full plan for the development of a prototype, including a sustainability model to ensure its future uptake and scalability. The Solution Design Phase will take place from May to July 2021.

The AI4Cities Buyers Group consists of lead procurer Forum Virium, representing the City of Helsinki, Cap Digital, representing Paris Region, the City of Amsterdam, the City of Copenhagen, the City of Tallinn and the City of Stavanger. For more information about the selection process, please visit the AI4Cities Request for Tenders page.

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