AI4Cities suppliers present Phase 2 progress in Stavanger

13 December 2021

AI4Cities suppliers present Phase 2 progress in Stavanger

Last week, after two years, the AI4Cities project finally managed to meet in person in Stavanger (Norway). Following COVID-guidelines, the Buyers Group listened to the presentations of the suppliers selected in Phase 2. They explained how they are developing their #prototypes and the Buyers Group learned more about how AI can be used for predictive maintenance, efficient traffic lights, digital twins, and many other applications that can make the energy and mobility domains of cities more sustainable.

10 solutions in Mobility and 10 in Energy were presented in Stavanger. Over the coming months, the suppliers will keep finetuning their prototypes based on the feedback they have gotten from the Buyers Group. Six prototypes (three in Mobility and three in Energy) will then continue to Phase 3 to be tested in the six cities and regions (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Greater Paris, Stavanger, Tallinn) participating in the project. The Buyers Group is confident that many of these solutions have the potential to accelerate carbon neutrality in cities across Europe, beyond just the AI4Cities cities.

in the coming weeks and months, we will be providing brief updates on the work that each of the suppliers have done so far. They will be shared on this website and on AI4Cities social media channels.

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