AI4Cities PCP matchmaking event

17 December 2020

AI4Cities PCP matchmaking event

As part of the AI4Cities Bootcamp, the AI4Cities team is organising a second (PCP) Matchmaking event on 17.12.2020 for those companies, climate change experts, etc. interested in responding to the AI4Cities challenge and looking for some specific expertise.

AI4Cities will launch its Request for Tender on 1 December 2020. The matchmaking event aims to help interested parties respond RfT. It is the second of the two Matchmaking events organised by Industryhack. The first one was organised on 08.09.2020, to help potential supliers prepare for the RfT and give them a better understanding of the Open Market Consulation Phase. More information about the AI4Cities Bootcamp and the previous matchmaking event can be found here

Currently, the AI4Cities project has also a Matchmaking tool available, to show what companies are offering and what companies are looking for.

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