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Starlab SL


Administrations /
Local Authorities
We are searching for local authorities and administrations to build and test a new Quality of Life indicator at Citizen Scale based on well-being factors such as vegetation surrounding buildings, air quality, noise index, mean traffic, solar radiation, etc.

We are also interested in collaborating with data providers who have data about air quality, noise and/or pollutants in cities.
AI/Technology provider
Earth Observation
We provide top-level technical consulting and value-added Earth Observation (EO) services, developing custom-made applications and downstream products within the EO market. Currently we have a service called Greendex ( which gives an index to different Quality of Life factors such as vegetation at property level in cities. We want to empower customers with new capabilities by allowing easy access to complex data through the use of data fusion, earth observation and machine learning techniques.


AI/Technology provider
Mobility expertise
Complementary skills in mobility planning, dynamic low emission zones planning and traffic management/optimisation. AI/Technology provider
Air Quality
HOPU brings urban innovation through key techs as AI, IoT and Data-Quality. We engage citizens and decision makers, to guarantee that data is understandable by everybody. HOPU supports urban development and digital transformation through data-powered tools with dashboards and IoT devices to monitor air quality for both gases and particulates. Creating IoT sensors and data-driven Smart Environments.


Mobility expertise We are looking partners that are looking to integrate or co-develop acoustic sensing solutions for mobility. AI/Technology provider We have a sound expertise in acoustic events detection with AI that we can offer to existing providing looking to expand their solution portofolio.
TEGnology ApS


Energy expertise
Test providers
Demand provider, decribing use cases in specific applications, where IoT sensors play an important role in energy optimisation and condition monitoring. It's more relevant in the cases where using batteries or cables as power supply for the sensors is challenging. AI/Technology provider
Energy expertise
TEGnology specializies in integrating energy harvesting technologies as smart power supply for wireless IoT sensors. Power is generated on demand and on site, so cables or batteries are omitted, no maintainance is needed. It enables fully autonomous sensors, that can be embedded or run unattended for decades. It's well suited for monitoring and energy optimizing processes for buildings and cities.

(Saudi Arabia)

AI/Technology provider We are looking for cities interested in the applications of AI for traffic safety. We are also interested in partners/integrators who are interested to deploy such technologies. AI/Technology provider is committed to improving road safety by implementing the latest developments in Computer Vision. Our traffic analytics suite is the first and only to detect different types of dangerous driving behaviour on the fly from a normal CCTV camera, making traffic enforcement and statistics quicker, cheaper, simpler and more effective.
Disruptive Mobility Technologies DM TECH



AI/Technonogy provider
Mobility Expertise
Partners interested/ working on:
- AI for Traffic Flow: simulation/ monitoring/ management/ optimization
- Mobility as a Service MaaS
- Urban Mobility Planning/ Mapping
- Futuristic Public Transit Technologies (High- Speed Rail, Automated People Mover, Hyperloop, Mag-Lev, etc.)
AI/Technology provider
Mobility expertise
Experience in Design and Visualization
- Digital Twin for Disruptive Mobility
- VR/ AR- based Mobility Simulations
- User Experience Optimization
- City- Wide Digital Twin for Smart Mobility: (Traffic/ Flow/ Routes/ etc.)
Droids Agency

(United States)
Mobility expertise
Energy expertise
We are looking for partners with strong skills in mobility/energy. AI/Technology provider
Innovation and software development
We offer our expertise within public sector innovation, AI and software development. We come with strong public sector experience and cases, both within innovation and within AI and also in the combination of the two.


Mobility expertise
Energy expertise
We need mobility and energy expertise to help us to identify opportunities and to provide subject matter expertise throughout the project AI/Technology provider AlphaZetta is a data analytics consultancy company, with over 750 highly specialised data analytics, data architecture and data engineer experts who are excited by data challenges. AlphaZetta consultants in average have 15 years of field experience building data solutions or providing data insights for clients across industries. We can partner up with technical engineers to deliver end-to-end solutions, where we can help with the data engineering and analytics work.
Community Energy Labs

(United States)

AI/Technology provider Looking for senior engineering/development lead to build the technology roadmap and physical, data, communication and security architectures for a modular solution that can flex as the underlying markets and technologies (smart devices, control and communication protocols) rapidly change Energy expertise We have a longtime expereince in loads optimization for maximizing consumption of renewable and local energy sources. Strong subject matter expertise in utilities, distributed energy resources, grid modernization, building decarbonization, transactive energy, interoperability. Have theoretical and functional architecture for our platform.


AI/Technology provider
We are looking for technological solutions to complement our service innovations solutions. Energy expertise
Experience on energy efficiency solutions, on business models, on financing projects, on PPA, on PV projects.


Mobility expertise We are looking for mobility solutions wanting to connect with each other through personal data sharing.. Mobility expertise
Data portability
Personal data sharing
We provide a personal data portability / sharing tool for connecting mobility services networks. We work on global standards with many public and private players.


AI/Technology provider
Energy expertise
Private, local or nationwide
property owner
Maintenance operators
Green area management
We are looking for the business partnership to A. combine different stakeholders' data on local AI City maps for real time information or operations. B. Create pilots for more complicated map based information management such as AI analysis on the gathered big data. C. To create the r&d projects and new products. Interactive nationwide,
local, area and
building maps.
Our offering is visualising the data feed on maps. We are neutral for the maps, IoT feed, prioritised and open data APIs. We also have a number of products for indoors and outdoors air quality, noise detection, wellbeing, activity and feedback, guidance and safety in smart cities.

We offer a global map and multilingual platform on SaaS, which is easy and cost effective to create, maintain and up-to-date.