Holoni fits Copenhagen’s climate neutrality ambitions

12 January 2023

Holoni fits Copenhagen’s climate neutrality ambitions

As part of AI4Cities Holoni developed Solar Surplus Predictor (SSP), an AI-powered Cloud-based platform helping municipalities, energy companies and energy consumers to assess the potential for solar production and surplus throughout the city, and simulate alternative deployment scenarios and their impact on CO2 emissions. Holoni piloted its solution in Copenhagen, and proved a great fit for the city.

Through its pilots with Holoni, Copenhagen, which aims to become the first carbon-neutral capital in the world in the next few years, was able to assess the opportunity to massively scale solar energy in the city, while ensuring that all citizens are included in this process. To do this, firstly, an analysis on city scale was done, e.g. calculating the potential solar surplus, and ranking different types of buildings to identify rooftops, best suited for solar energy. This was followed by more advanced simulations and analytics which explored how Copenhagen can incentivize and buy green energy directly from citizens’ solar rooftops.

Holoni enables Copenhagen (and other cities) to use the app in four distinct ways. As an urban planner the city can use the Solar Surplus Predictor to do powerful analytics. As a market catalyst, it can use result-based reward schemes to offer better terms for solar surplus. As an energy consumer the city can source and certify green energy from within the city. Finally, as a service provider, the city can use the Holoni tool to enhance the economics of city solar for everyone within the city.

Holoni was developed with the belief that “It has never been more urgent to confront the global climate crisis and accelerate the transition to reliable, accessible, and affordable carbonfree energy. This means that large electricity systems – including cities – must transition from centralised, fossil-fuel reliant power grids to more flexible, decentralised systems that are entirely powered by carbon-free energy assets.”

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