Amsterdam prepares for the piloting phase

31 January 2022

Amsterdam prepares for the piloting phase

Amsterdam is delighted to see the progress that is made during the prototyping phase of AI4Cities. The Stavanger midterm event served as a great opportunity to gain detailed insights and have fruitful conversations around the solutions that are being developed.

With the end of the prototyping phase coming closer, Amsterdam is preparing to host two pilots, divided amongst the energy and mobility lots. Several actions are taken to ensure successful results for both the city and the suppliers.

Firstly, Amsterdam will be hosting a workshop at the AMS Institute' Scientific Conference on 'Reinventing the City'. During this workshop the AI4Cities project will be presented, and participants are invited to share their own success stories and challenges in the process of setting up pilots.

Next, Amsterdam is happy to announce a partnership with Innofest during the piloting phase. Innofest is a foundation experienced in testing innovative prototypes in practice, predominantly working with public authorities. A program specially developed for the AI4Cities project will be executed to stimulate successful preparations towards testing of the prototypes.

Challenging but exciting times are ahead. Amsterdam is looking forward to experience how the upcoming AI4Cities pilots can put Amterdam on an accelerated journey towards our climate goals. To be continued!

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