BEE consortium makes buildings smarter

28 January 2022

BEE consortium makes buildings smarter

The consortium of Eeneman Oy, a smart energy company, Unetiq GmbH, an agency for Artificial Intelligence and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences takes part in AI4Cities’ Phase 2 with its BEE –Building Energy Efficiency – solution. BEE aims to make buildings smarter, seeing that most building managements systems are standalone systems providing little information about external changes.

BEE takes information from the building management system and combines it with relevant data (e.g. weather changes, energy prices, CO2 coefficients, etc) from third parties. AI technology crunches all the obtained data and then sends back information on how to best control and guide the ventilation and heating in the building. It also provides building managers with a dashboard that can integrate all relevant data and produce both historical reports and real-time insights on building performance. The dashboard can be customized based on the needs of each building.

BEE’s tests - it is currently focusing on service buildings and office buildings - have shown that its solution leads to a 15% reduction in both energy consumption and CO2 emissions, without affecting the comfort level in working or living spaces. That means that BEE is cutting off waste in energy use, while also reducing costs.

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