Copenhagen update - The solutions are growing

17 January 2022

Copenhagen update - The solutions are growing

Wow, it was a real pleasure to see and hear about all the interesting solutions in Stavanger in December. It was the first physical meeting between The Buyers Group and the companies.

The cities are looking for innovative, not market-ready solutions for CO2 emission reduction using AI, which bring added value for the solutions, which we already have today. It is a big challenge, but the companies showed us that they are more than ready to help the cities to reduce CO2.

Copenhagen is focusing on the energy challenge, where uite a few solutions are concentrating on energy communities, the use of solar energy, batteries and sharing energy. Others are focusing on how to make the buildings a smart component in the future energy marked.

Will the energy communities bring some of the needed flexibility? Or will there be areas in the city which produce enough energy to be self-sufficient or maybe sur-plus community?

We all know that it will be a challenge to balance the energy market with a lot of the energy coming from fluctuating renewable sources. That is also the reason behind designing an energy trading platform and making building owners aware of who much energy they will be able to sell in a new marked for flexibility.

It is also quite interesting to see how we can monitor CO2 emission in real-time for a whole city or a specific area. That might be a new way to see how close the cites are to reach their CO2 goals.

The next step for us will be the piloting phase, where we finally will see the innovative AI4Cities solutions in action. We are excited to see what the future brings.

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