C. in City provides cities with near real-time carbon emission monitoring

24 February 2022

C. in City provides cities with near real-time carbon emission monitoring

The C.in City solution participating in AI4Cities Phase 2 is built around round 5 services that empower all stakeholders with actionable insights regarding the emissions in the following sectors: Automated Reporting; Carbon Budget Tracker; Simulation tool/What-if; Climate Decision Targeting; and MRV for Climate Finance.

The solution is relying on a core database of near real-time emission data at the city level, which is the main innovation. This is made possible by the ability of the consortium (consisting of Kayrros, La Javaness and Nexqt) to leverage never used before datasets with AI, and then translate this information into emission figures.

C.In City knows that cities need to lower their CO2 emissions drastically to keep the rise of global temperatures to 1,5 degrees. They see that this is complicated with current systems, which don’t allow for mapping, targeting and GIS integration within city planning tool chains. Moreover these systems are costly, time-intensive and lack accuracy. Consequently cities only use and analyse 10% of the data that is available to them.

Thanks to C.In City’s AI algorithms cities will be able to transition from uninterpretable satellite data to actual data on the ground. By then complementing geolocation data with city data on activity, they can detect mobility patterns and building activity, making the link with emissions in real time.

The solution empowers citizens, by providing them with near real-time transparent information on how they can reduce their emissions, which also allows policy makers to design the most effective and actionable policy options, ranging from behavioral changes to technical investments, with more citizen buy-in. Finally, the solution also allows local SME’s to Identify & rank cost-effective GHG mitigation opportunities, and to offer localized insights to boost climate investments.

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