AI4Cities presented at World Summit AI

1 November 2022

AI4Cities presented at World Summit AI

As part of its final conference, AI4Cities partnered up with the World Summit AI, taking place in Amsterdam between from 12-13 October. The World Summit AI gathers the global ecosystem of AI-related startups, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors to discuss the latest AI developments, issues and challenges, making it an excellent showcase for Ai4Cities. AI4Cities presence at WSAI included an introduction of the project, discussions on how AI solutions can be applied in public-private partnerships, reflections on the challenges and future of AI solutions, and a look into how AI technologies can be used to make the energy and mobility domains in cities more sustainable.

AI4Cities had a stand at the conference where cities and suppliers presented their work, providing visitors with an opportunity to see how these solutions work, how they make cities more sustainable, and get more insights into how the market can successfully collaborate with the public space to create more liveable, sustainable and healthier cities

In addition to its presence at the stand, Ai4Cities was also represented in two WSAI sessions:

11:40 – 12:10 – Panel discussion ‘The City as a Living Lab for AI solutions”
In this session Mark Stoevelaar (CTO Innovation Team, City of Amsterdam) discussed how Amsterdam served as a living lab during the Ai4Cities project, how innovative AI market players can benefit from working together with public authorities (and vice versa), and reflected on the use of responsible AI and data. Mark was joined on stage by Renee Cummings (CEO Urban AI) and Allison Cohen (Applied AI Projects Lead, Quebec AI Institute). The session was moderated by Pieter Jeekel, Chairman of the Dutch AI Coalition.

12:10 – 12:30 – AI4Cities deep dive
This was an exclusive AI4Cities session, moderated by Josefine Hintz (PhD Candidate at the TU Berlin), featuring a discussion between Grigori Parfjanov (Urban Mobility Expert, City of Tallinn) and Sebastian Bruhn (Digitalisation Consultant, City of Copenhagen). The two speakers provided an in-depth overview of jow the cities and suppliers have worked together to develop the solutions, the effect these solutions have had on the energy and mobility domain in their cities, how the cities took steps to ensure the responsible use of AI, and what the cities and the market can learn for the future from this project, both in the context of how AI can contribute to more sustainable cities, and how public authorities and the market can work together on innovative funding projects.

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