SPIKE enables sustainable balance between energy consumption and comfort

19 January 2023

SPIKE enables sustainable balance between energy consumption and comfort

In the context of AI4Cities, Enerbrain’sSPIKE was piloted in two buildings in Copenhagen, and one building in Amsterdam. By digitalising building management SPIKE enables an intelligent use of resources, keeping a suitable balance between energy consumption and comfort and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

SPIKE works by first installing the sensors and actuators in a building to study its thermodynamic behaviour. Then through a process called system identification, a mathematical model is created that simulates the correlation between indoor environmental conditions and energy consumption. Based on this building replica, a controller is designed, a sophisticated function that suggests the optimal strategy to control the heating, ventilation and conditioning system in that specific building. The purpose of the controller is that a users’ target is reached without compromising the other contending variable.

For example, if a user’s goal is to reduce energy consumption in a building by 20%, SPIKE will be able to calculate the best possible way to achieve that objective, while keeping the indoor conditions as close as possible to the preferred indoor comfort temperature set point. In other words, SPIKE can anticipate the consequences of taken actions, and facilitate decision making and building management.

With its technology, SPIKE can support municipalities or utility managers to handle large portfolios of buildings and take decisions that may differ from one building to another. Consequently, the solution can help customers reach multiple, sometimes conflicting, objectives, despite unpredictable energy prices and volatile supply and demand. Furthermore, it can contribute to the development of energy communities.

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