Loopfront enables circular processes in buildings

10 March 2022

Loopfront enables circular processes in buildings

Loopfront takes part in AI4Cities Phase 2 with a technology that makes it easy for anyone to survey the materials in the building and make it is easier to reuse them. This AI collaboration platform aims to empower building owners and the construction industry, create a structure for circular activities and remove barriers.

Users can take a picture of anything within a building and upload it into Loopfront’s platform. The platform will then identify the materials of the photographed object, and their location. An algorithm than processes the images, allowing, in combination with trained prediction models to retrieve CO2 values related to the materials.

While a lot of manual handiwork is needed to develop a workable dataset, the Loopfront system can be widely used. Following last year’s floods in Germany, it was applied to a number of damaged materials to assess whether they can be repaired, reused or redesigned. Consequently, a lot of material was saved that would have otherwise been lost. That is a good example of how Loopfront can increase resource efficiency, thereby reducing energy demand and CO2 emissions.

Loopfront believes their solution has a lot of potential as there is increased awareness that all materials have value, while at the same time supply chain issues lead to more material scarcity. These developments have led to the rise of resale culture, and a greater demand for circular management systems for building material and inventory.

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