New video presents AI4Cities solutions in Greater Paris

17 January 2023

New video presents AI4Cities solutions in Greater Paris

AI4Cities project partner Cap Digital has created a video showcasing the two AI4Cities solutions piloted in the Greater Paris Region. C-In.City maps the carbon emissions of a municipality in real time by integrating large quantities of municipal data with AI, and was tested in four territories of the region. In Meudon, Ix3 used AI to optimise traffic flow and reduce unnecessary stops, thereby also reducing CO2 emissions.

For C-In.City the pilots allowed them to better determine the parameters of their solution, and to have a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the users. The pilot also showed encouraging results. For example, the solution helped identify over 500.000 accommodations near a heat network in the area, that are currently heated on oil and gas. Such information provides immediate and concrete opportunities for interventions that can reduce CO2.

IX3 implemented three intersections in Meudon with cameras that were used as sensors. The sensors were active outside of rush hour and reduced around 8% of the stops at each intersection, which means it also reduced 8% of CO2 emissions. The solution showed similarly encouraging results when it was tested in Helsinki. As such, Ix3 (similarly to C-in.City, which was also piloted in Copenhagen) shows great potential for scalability on a European level.

AI4Cities was a three-year EU-funded project, finished in December 2022, in which six cities and regions went through a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process to find AI solutions that could help them reduce CO2 emissions in the fields of energy and mobility. More information about the project and the solutions can be found here.

Image (Cap Digital)

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