Nuuka enables Helsinki to share its building data to accelerate carbon neutral future

24 June 2021

Nuuka enables Helsinki to share its building data to accelerate carbon neutral future

Nuuka enables the City of Helsinki to share its building data with AI4Cities participants developing solutions for better energy efficiency and carbon neutral future. Data consists of the buildings' detailed energy consumption, indoor climate, and HVAC process information.

The City of Helsinki has long been a forerunner in its aim to utilize smart building technology to become the world’s most functional city and toreach carbon neutrality by 2035. To achieve this, Helsinki has connected over 1000 buildings to Nuuka. This has enabled the city of Helsinki to cut energy consumption, improve indoor climate, diagnose its building portfolio automatically, and eventually – reach its sustainability targets.

Today, cities consume over 60% of the world’s energy and create over 70% of global CO2 emissions. As urban growth showing no signs of slowing down, cities will continue to be huge consumers of energy and a significant source of global carbon emissions. The two biggest sources of emissions in Helsinki are heating (56%) and transport (24%), making energy renovations a major priority for the city.

The data we have collected in Helsinki can help to accelerate sustainable development in the EU,” says Veera Sevander, Leading Energy Expert City of Helsinki.

Carbon neutrality requires open data from cities. The city of Helsinki is a great example of fostering true innovation and pushing the real estate sector further with its partners”, says Kaisa Sibelius, Project Coordinator from AI4Cities Project.

AI4Cities is an EU funded PCP project which has selected 41 participants for the first phase to develop their AI based solutions further. The total funding amount to be divided among the selected suppliers throughout the process is 4.6 million euros, maximum 360 000 euro per supplier. Six finalists will pilot their solutions in two of the project cities in 2022.

Finland has one of the most ambitious goals to achieve carbon neutrality in the EU. We are extremely proud that Nuuka is one of the selected partners helping City of Helsinki to increase energy efficiency radically”, concludes Tuomas Pippola, CEO of Nuuka.

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