The Metropole du Grand Paris is joining the AI4Cities project!

2 June 2021

The Metropole du Grand Paris is joining the AI4Cities project!

Since the launch of the AI4Cities project, Cap Digital, has probed the Paris Region territories to identify their needs and challenges they face and how they envision their strategies to reach their objectives to be carbon neutral by 2050. Dialogues have been established with local authorities and some challenges have emerged or have been refined.

As a result of this needs mapping, Cap Digital is pleased to announce itspartnership with the Metropole of Grand Paris. The Metropole and Cap Digital will join their forces with the ambition of enabling the 130 cities to test and experiment the technological solutions developed within AI4Cities project.
More than ever Paris Region renews its commitment to be a large experimental territory for innovation and in particular for AI to accelerate carbon neutrality.

Amongst the cities of La Metropole du Grand Paris, some have already started to be an experimental field for innovative solutions.

The City of Anthony has started a project on the automation of their parking lots.

By the end of 2020, the city will install sensors in approximately 200 parking spaces to facilitate both vehicle rotation and control. These installations will alert a digital platform when a motorist exceeds the parking time limit on the city centers of the city. This project is part of a more global policy of intelligent parking in the area: by mid-2020, the construction of seven enclosed parking lots, with entry and exit controls, will help the city collect data on the number of free spaces at each site. This information can be communicated in real time to motorists via signs at the city entrances or an application.
This digitalization of the parking systems will lead to multiple benefits: a better turnover in the parking lots, less traffic, less pollution and the creation of an observatory dedicated to mobility with the data collection achieved.

More info can be found here

The City of Issy-les-Moulineaux has developed the first smart district network in France in 2012.
IssyGrid is an intelligent urban network for the production and optimized management of energy on a neighborhood scale. It covers 2,000 homes, 5,000 inhabitants, 10,000 employees, and 160,000 m² of offices. This makes it possible to collect data on an urban smart grid and its technical, economic, regulatory, and sociological implications. Thanks to its energy dashboard of the district, IssyGrid enables the city, its inhabitants, and its businesses to better understand their energy consumption, to adopt more virtuous behaviors, and to save energy by controlling the electricity consumption of office buildings, residential dwellings, and street lighting
This experimental platform allows to understand the energy challenges of eco-neighborhoods and test their economic and environmental efficiency.

More info van be found here.

Paris Region is now identifying the next cities that will experiment and test the innovative solutions that will be developed and supplied by AI4Cities winners!



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