Fronyx aims to optimise the usage of public charging stations

7 March 2022

Fronyx aims to optimise the usage of public charging stations

The good news is that electric driving is getting more popular! The bad news: Public charging becomes harder and harder with hubs getting completely full and crowded. Fronyx is in Phase 2 of Ai4Cities with the aim the optimise the use of these charging stations.

Currently drivers of electric vehicles get information about where the charging stations are and whether they are available. Fronyx wants to take the next step and use AI technology to let drivers know whether charging stations will be available on arrival. Its system can predict, with 90% likelihood, whether individual charging points will be available in the next few hours, and integrate that information within existing charging applications.

During AI4Cities’ Phase 2 Fronyx tested its solution in Amsterdam and Helsinki. Through its simulation of charging behavior in Helsinki it concluded that its system can reduce charging search traffic sevenfold. This result fits its broader thesis that cities will need less charge points if their utilisation gets optimised.

In the future, Fronyx wants to use this information to go even further, believing that once we understand how charging points are used, it will also become easier to work on charging demand predictions, or price predictions. Fronyx believes that these developments will ultimately make AI-systems more accessible to the EV industry.

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