Rebase and Grid Singularity address the increasingly dispersed energy system

21 March 2022

Rebase and Grid Singularity address the increasingly dispersed energy system

Rebase and Grid Singularity have come to Ai4Cities Phase 2 with an open source platform for signing up local energy markets and smart agents for energy management and training. The consortium believes that building AI tooling for energy modelling can save time and increase performances.

The consortium has placed its solution in the context of the changing energy system. Where it used to be centralised, not is dispersed with hundreds of different assets getting integrated into the grid. That has led to serious challenges; Data collection from dispersed sources is time consuming and tedious, as are data pipelining and DevOps. Moreover, energy mobilising needs are systemic and need not only single components and using open source energy models in production is different and risky.

The solution of the consortium consists of two parts. Firstly, a datahub that aggregates dispersed and relevant datasets, such as market, weather and asset data into one unified API. Secondly an open source energy modelling platform that allows for energy simulation, forecasting and optimisation. The solution empowers energy producers to take part in the energy transition and handle the complexity of distributed energy assets such as solar, electric vehicles and batteries.

Its solution can be applied in many different ways in the energy sector. It can help organisations evaluate solar pv, batteries and/or electric chargers, simulate Energy-as-a-Service Business models, forecast long-term energy production and/or simulate and combine energy systems including storage.

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