AI4Cities works with AI4EU to maximise AI capabilities for cities

25 September 2020

AI4Cities works with AI4EU to maximise AI capabilities for cities

AI4Cities has started working with the AI4EU on maximizing AI resources and expertise for member cities and others in their network.

AI4Cities will introduce AI resources and seek relevant expertise from AI4EU to applicants and contenders of their activities. AI4EU will also be introduced via webinars to the contenders and related partners of the AI4Cities.

AI4EU has a catalogue of AI resources including tools, algorithms and techniques that may be beneficial to the companies who wish to build relevant AI solutions for the cities of the AI4Cities project with capabilities to scale up if satisfied.

AI4Cities can also leverage the knowledge resources of AI experts in relevant areas that link to the mobility and energy innovation for smart city solutions. Meanwhile, AI4EU can also be useful for other cities as AI applications in other industries and private sectors may be applicable for cities’ adoptions with necessary customisations.

Ai4EU is a consortium that was established in January 2019 to build the first European Artificial Intelligence On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem with the support of the European Commission under the H2020 programme. More information about the activities of AI4EU can be found on its website.

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Twitter: AI4EU
Linkedin: AI4EU - Europe's Ai-on-Demand Platform

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