Registration to the AI4Cities Bootcamp is open

24 August 2020

Registration to the AI4Cities Bootcamp is open

Startups, SMEs, bigger companies, climate change experts and other relevant stakeholders interested in designing innovative solutions applying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and motivated to participate in the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process can already register to the 'Get ready: AI4Cities Bootcamp'. Registration is open until next September, 11.

This event aims at coaching motivated participants to write their best applications for the upcoming AI4Cities tender (expected to be launched by December, 1) . The objective is also to spar participating teams about their preliminary solution ideas to accelerate carbon neutrality in the fields of mobility and energy. The participating cities and regions have already identified some general challenges they are trying to solve, such as:

  • Grid management, optimisation of energy flows, smart grids
  • Increasing citizen awareness of energy consumption and motivation for energy saving
  • Energy optimisation via AI, retrofitting or refurbishment of building and assets
  • Seamless transportation flows combining soft mobility (biking, walking, etc.) and public transportation
  • Optimising charging station placement (cars, boats)
  • Optimising/coordinating transportation of goods (including last mile logistics)
  • Mobility as a service (real time, easy flows…)

Next September 3, there will be an Info webinar for those interested in learning more about the AI4Cities project and the PCP. On September 8, an Open-Market Consultation Matchmaking Event will take place. Between 14 - 20 September the selected participants to the Bootcamp will be announced. The Co-Creation Days will be held from 23 to 24 September. Another PCP Matchmaking event will take place in December.

To learn more about the AI4Cities project, visit here

For more information about the 'Get ready: AI4Cities Bootcamp', go here

Registration to the AI4Cities Bootcamp is open (Pixabay) by "Mampu", licensed under CC0 License

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