C-in.City enables real time near real time carbon emission management

9 January 2023

C-in.City enables real time near real time carbon emission management

C-in.City, developed within the AI4Cities project, is the first near real time carbon emission management system for city practitioners. The platform consists of three main features that allow policy makers to have a better understanding of the emission hotspots in their cities, and to assess the impact of their policies on 2030 emission targets.

Firstly. with the Carbon Budget Tracker decision makers can look at the big picture of emissions in the city. The homepage provides an overview of the emissions of the city (and per sector), as well as to the trajectory towards the 2030 objectives. Secondly, there is detailed data available at the district level, building or road level. Using different filters, it allows users to dig deep into each individual item and to get a better understanding of what is going on.

Finally, the system offers a What-if simulation, allowing policy makers to understand the impact of specific policies on emissions. When clicking on a scenario, it runs automatically and displays a detailed description, that allows users to choose the parameters of the simulation. The impact is then displayed on a map, which allows to zoom in and see the comparison with a business-as-usual situation.

C-In.City piloted its solution in Greater Paris and Copenhagen. The pilots allowed them to better determine the parameters of their solution, and to have a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the users. The pilot also showed encouraging results. For example, the solution helped identify over 500.000 accommodations near a heat network in the area, that are currently heated on oil and gas. Such information provides immediate and concrete opportunities for interventions that can reduce CO.

Image (C-In.City)

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