AI4Cities Bootcamp: Co-creation days

23 - 24 September 2020

AI4Cities Bootcamp: Co-creation days

This coaching bootcamp is directed to all interested startups, SMEs, bigger companies, climate change experts and other relevant stakeholders who are both able to design innovative solutions applying the use of AI and motivated to participate in the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process of the AI4Cities project. In PCP, public procurers purchase R&D from several suppliers in parallel to compare alternative solutions and approaches in order to identify solutions with greatest effectiveness. The goal is to aid these best solutions to reach the commercial market faster and thus become available for the cities sooner.

To register to take part in the AI4Cities Bootcamp, visit here


9.00    Welcome  (General call)
9.20    Mentoring  (Team calls)
12.00  Lunch 
13.00  Mentoring  (Team calls)
16.30  Mentoring wrap-up  (Mentors only call)
16.50  General wrap-up and next steps  (General call)

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