AI4Cities Open Market Consultation local webinar - Helsinki

15 June 2020

AI4Cities Open Market Consultation local webinar - Helsinki

On 15.06, from 1pm (CET) to 2.30 pm, AI4Cities coordinator Forum Virium Helsinki will organise a webinar, introducing the project's goal and content. Interested? Register here!

AI4Cities aims to find digital solutions, utilising AI and open data, to help cities reduce their CO2 emissions through innovative pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process. The solutions should be related to either energy or mobility, which at the moment cause 95% of cities CO2 emissions.

AI4Cities provides companies with financial support in R&D and enables them to pilot their solution in the participating cities (Helsinki, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and Stavanger). The companies selected to AI4Cities can get, at maximum, a funding of around 360.000€. The project is open for companies, research institutes and consortiums.

Webinar Programme:

13:00 Introduction to the AI4Cities project and to PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) process
13:30 Open AI for agile cities
13:45 Mobility and Energy tracks and challenges in Helsinki
14:10 Questions and feedback
14:30 The Webinar ends

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