Request for Tenders

Out of the initial number of suppliers, 10 responding to the mobility challenge and 10 responding to the energy challenge will be selected and funded to work on the prototyping stage. During this phase, the first prototypes of the solutions proposed in phase 1 will be created, based on lean principles and agile methods. On this page the suppliers can submit their applications for Phase 2. 


AI4Cities Phase 2 proposal and End of Phase 1 Report submission

To submit AI4Cities Phase 2 proposal, please submit Forms E and F. In addition, if you have any changes to Forms A-D, submit those Forms as well. 
To submit AI4Cities End of Phase 1 Report, submit the Report with Appendices 2 and 4. You can submit Phase 2 proposal and the End of Phase 1 report simultaneously or separately.

This submission form is only for those participating in Phase 1 of the AI4Cities project and applying for Phase 2 of the project.

"Deadline for submitting Phase 2 Proposal and End of Phase 1 Report is 30th of July, at 23:59 CET"


The submission period has closed!