Will you help us shape the future of green European cities by using AI?

4 November 2020

Will you help us shape the future of green European cities by using AI?

Do you believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the potential of new solutions and your business’ own ability to contribute to and influence such a solution? Are you looking to find funding for the development of new future-proof solutions that could matter? Are you trying to find partners and match up your competence and ideas with other business- and solution developers in Europe? Would you like to test and promote your solution on a European level?

The AI4Cities project will support the development of novel AI-based solutions within the sectors of mobility and energy. We hope that you see the potential in pushing the limits of what is achievable, and in doing so also move boundaries that could explore the development of your business. By responding to the challenges presented by Stavanger, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tallinn and the Paris region, you could expand your business potential to a European and global market.

Stavanger would like to bring forward and test new solutions that could make a significant impact on the CO2 levels in the city. We want to change behaviour, to create new patterns of movement, to make it natural and easy to make environmental choices.

Can AI change local goods transport?
Can we reduce CO2 emissions by developing and testing new technology? We believe so. We believe the world is waiting for good ideas that will make a difference. Could someone develop a solution that could coordinate and optimise local shipment of goods, between the different transport suppliers and other actors delivering goods? Could such a solution help fill up local delivery trucks? This could reduce CO2 emissions, but it could also improve the conditions for regional trade, making it cheaper to move goods for short distances. Maybe such solutions could boost local production, and possibly make us less dependent on long-distance transport. Data can be used to plan and coordinate trips and deliveries, but perhaps also to match supply and demand for different types of products. Could this help us to replace the functions filled by the old food markets, revitalize local demand, and support the creation of a more a sustainable local economy?

Can AI change the way we move?
Today too many of us are using our private cars when we move around in the Stavanger area. There is a big potential for reducing CO2 emissions by changing the way we move. Are we ready to stop driving private cars, and switch to public transport as the primary choice for people when we move? Probably not. We live in a world where users expect seamless and hassle-free solutions. But there is a vast potential in the totality of transport solutions. In Stavanger, as well as in other cities, new modes of transport are being introduced, like bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters. More will follow in the future. We believe that the use of these will increase if the services are more seamless and integrated. Can these services work together, be more combined, user-friendly and simple to use so that a user easily can choose different modes of transport to get from A to B? Making up for the fact that public transport can not run in every possible direction? We need a digital framework to make this happen.

AI can help us
By using and collecting data, and developing intelligent solutions, we can create a framework that could help our transition to a substantially more sustainable future, and at the same time contribute to necessary sustainable business development for companies.

Planning, optimizing, re-planning and co-ordinating and making sustainable movement easier, creating motivation and change of action. Can your business develop new solutions, answering the needs and possibilities presented here, or present a different solution within the fields of mobility or energy? AI4Cities will be looking to identify ideas and concepts of potential and to support the development and testing in real-life settings of such solutions. We can boost your business development, and you can help us build cities for the future!

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