Kentyou supports cities’ digital transformation

9 March 2022

Kentyou supports cities’ digital transformation

Kentyou is participating in Ai4Cities Phase 2 with a software platform that can be integrated seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure of a city to collect “the oil of the 21st century”: data. Data can currently be extracted, refined, bought, sold and used in ways that couldn’t even have been imagined merely a few decade ago. However, cities are still creating digital/ICT solutions that don’t make good enough use of their data, leading to inefficiencies and underperformance.

Kentyou aims to address this problem by applying its modular architecture and existing connectors to more than 15 protocols to collect any raw data (from IoT devices, open data platforms, mobile apps, etc). The collected data is then processed with machine learning and Ai algorithms to better understand cities’ past and current operations and to predict future situations.

Cities can use this platform for real-time monitoring and oversight of the city and get actionable information. The platform furthermore provides recommendations to take actions for more efficiency and also provides cities with a tool to monitor the impact of those actions on the environment, the economy and/or on citizen satisfaction.

The core platform is open-source in order to also enable startups and SMEs of the city to exploit data and provide added value smart services for the citizens. As such the platform can be seen as a smart city application marketplace in which the citizens are also kept in the loop and can express their needs so that technicians and city policy makers can focus on what is really necessary.

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