All changes made to the Tender Documents after their publication are recorded here. The updated Tender Documents can be downloaded from theRequest for Tenders page. We will still accept older versions of the Forms, but recommend using the updated ones when changes have occured.
(All changes are also listed in the beginning of Tender Document 1 and changes regarding other documents are listed in the beginning of those documents.)


Changes Backlog

12 January 2021

  • TD1 - Section 3.1: The sentence: “A company can apply only once as a Lead Tenderer only.” was changed to: “A company can be accepted as a Lead Tenderer only once."
  • TD1 - Section 4.5:  The name of the requirement FR8): “Deployment”, was corrected to: “Piloting”.
  • Form E: The index number of the requirement: “P2.1 Methodology of the Project” was changed to: “P1.4”.
  • Form E: The index numbers of Project Team Requirements were changed from “P3” to “P2”.
  • Form E: The abbreviation for Project Management requirements was changed from “P” to “PM” to be in line with Tender Document 1.